What We Do

Himalayan Children’s Charities was established in 2000 to help address the Nepali orphan crisis by providing education, nurturing care and innovative mentorship to orphaned, abandoned, and disadvantaged children and youth. Our programs help to break the cycle of poverty and transform the paradigm of discrimination and marginalization by empowering these at-risk children to live lives of dignity, self-sufficiency and community leadership.

HCC’s Signature Program serves children from kindergarten through to career in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu. Our students attend high-quality, English-medium boarding schools through grade 10 and spend holidays at our youth home, Khushi Ghar, where students in grades 11 and 12 live full-time. Unlike many charities, HCC continues to provide support for Signature Program students through university or technical college, and reside semi-independently in annex apartments until the completion of their studies. HCC’s unique, surrogate family model creates a nurturing environment that supports and encourages each child. Children are taught valuable life skills and receive mentorship to foster self-awareness and discover inner talents, strengths, and interests. They are provided career counseling and scholastic tutoring, and have access to emotional therapy to ensure that the systemic trauma associated with abandonment does not undermine their social, emotional and academic progress. Community service and leadership training are important cornerstones of this program.

After the devastating 2015 earthquakes, HCC expanded its programming to provide educational support to children in the worst-affected rural communities. The Earthquake Orphan Scholarship Program (EOSP), which encompasses the collaborative Dhading Children’s Initiative (DCI) and the Rural Education Empowerment Program (REEP), provides young earthquake survivors with the resources and opportunities needed to stay in school – greatly reducing their risk of being trafficking or forced into child labor or child marriage. These programs aim to keep these children with their parents or surviving family members, however, in special circumstances, some children are placed in local boarding schools that provide education, room and board. HCC also provides scholarships for eligible, capable and motivated youth to attend college and technical schools.

HCC’s newest program, the WiFi Program, is helping to install fast and reliable Internet into rural schools in earthquake-affected regions, and is providing enhanced curricula, including teacher training and digital educational content.  The program helps to ensure educational success through improving rural infrastructure, and by raising the overall standard of living for these remote communities.