NOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE: Angila is now 11 years old and studying in class 7. She loves to play games, especially basketball and badminton.   She is also currently learning how to cook food with her older brothers and sisters during her current stay at Khusi Ghar during the Dashain holiday school break. So far, she has helped cooked beans, black tea, and milk tea. She enjoys cooking, and looks forward to learning more. In school, her favorite subjects are math and science. She enjoys doing math sums, and also learning about living and non-living things in nature. When she grows up, she would like to be a bank manager, because she likes math and money. Next year in math she will have the opportunity to learn about accounts, which she is looking forward to. In her recent first term exams, she received a 90.27%, and came in 4th of her class of 32 students.


BIRTHDAY: April 21

PERSONAL HISTORY: We met Angila in 2008 when she was about to start kindergarten. Her story is common here in Nepal. According to Angila’s documents, she was found by the police and has no family or ties; however, we have recently discovered that her mother is alive. Through family connections, her mother was most likely able to forge documentation that Angila had no support system in hopes that an orphanage could provide a great life for her daughter. We discovered this during the only time we saw the woman that we believe to be her mother. Other than this one contact, we have never heard from her family. It was only after much counseling with Angila that we would not send her back to the orphanage was she willing to admit that the woman was her mother. Angila is happy to spend her holidays with her Khusi Ghar family and loves
to have been a part of the HCC family since starting her education.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? Angila is one of our most outgoing little ladies. She always has a big smile on her face and wants to be a part of everything that goes on here at our group home. At school, her favorite subject is science. Right now, Angila is learning about plants and how they grow. She loves to get dressed up for the holidays, and her favorite outfit is a beautiful red and green dress with lots of bracelets! She loves to play games; her favorite is Kapardi, a traditional Nepali tag game. Her favorite movie is Narnia, and she especially loves when the kids go through the wardrobe to meet the lion. She loves to dance and enjoys all types of music. Her favorite foods are beaten rice and potatoes, and for the little girl that she is, she has a big appetite! Her best friend is Kabita, another HCC girl. When she grows up, Angila wants to be a teacher. She wants to thank her sponsors for all of the help!

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