tF2O7XVlqCnmPR5UKsY8b_xfAzV-IpfFdno6pj_9hDMNOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE: Anukaran is now 13 years old and studying in grade 7. Four months ago he broke his hand while playing soccer at his boarding school hostel. He had an operation, and it doesn’t hurt anymore, although he continues to avoid contact sports and sticks to plays table tennis for now. Anukaran loves to read and his favorite book is Oliver Twist. He also loves to watch Hindi action films on TV. His favorite subjects in school are math and science, and he is currently learning about the law of indices and basic physics (pressure). He also enjoys the content in his Environment, Population and Health class.  Nepali is the subject he struggles with the most, and he is currently receiving tutoring from the hostel warden. He is interested in aeronautic engineering and wants to build planes. In his recent first-term exams, he received a 90%, and came in 7th in his class of 49 students.


BIRTHDAY: SeptIMG_5604 Anukaranember 6th

PERSONAL HISTORY: We know very little about Anukaran’s history. In 2007, he was found by a small orphanage in the countryside that did not have space for him and sent him to Balmandir. When he was found along with another girl, he knew nothing to tell the police other than his name. In 2012, HCC was approached and asked to support, and we were happy to add him to our family.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? Anukaran, which means “simulation” in Nepali, is a bright boy. Although he is a little shy around adults, he is playful and a leader among his friends. He loves to study science at school, and his science teacher is his favorite. Anukaran is now learning about the parts of the body, which he likes a lot. He has 125 special merits at school which he gets for participation and hard work. After 100, he gets a prize.

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