Arjun 10-14BIRTHDAY: April 12th

PERSONAL HISTORY: Arjun has been with HCC since he was in the second or third grade. He has now finished tenth and has completed his School Leaving Certificate (SLC), a requirement to pursue his studies further. His sister, Binita, is also with HCC and has just completed eighth grade. Arjun’s father was a teacher who was killed by the Maoists, and his mother committed suicide in 2010 after his father’s death. Both Arjun and Binita were with HCC by this point. Arjun is a very good, simple person that strives to be a gentleman. Arjun and Binita have the opportunity to visit their grandparents, who live in Jhapa, near India, for festivals and holidays. Arjun speaks with Dinesh about issues to strive to move forward in his life and career.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? Arjun is a bright, hardworking student. He is a happy and active boy who loves to play football and has many friends. His ambition in life is to become a doctor.

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