S4fVQxBzlpV4Co_Qa35-R4nJH3s2qSaI82beYb0lruINOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE: Arun is 15 years old and is now studying in class 7. He loves sports, and especially enjoys running, and playing soccer and basketball. He runs 5k marathons at school, and plays on his school’s soccer and basketball teams.  He also enjoys dancing and drawing art. His favorite dance forms include Nepali folk dancing, “funny” dancing, and hip-hop. He also enjoys drawing cartoons, including Japanese anime characters. In school, his favorite subjects are science and math. He is looking forward to learning about light in science next term, and his homework over Dashain break is to create a kaleidoscope. In math, he recently learned about sets and geometry figures, lines, and angles. His plan is to be a doctor or engineer, for which he says he will have to study hard and find mentors to consult and collaborate with. In his recent first-term exams, he got an overall percentage of 92%, and came in 2nd in his class of 52 students. He is currently waiting for his results in math, and thinks he will have a 98-99% on that test.


IMG_5448 Arun

BIRTHDAY: December 23rd

PERSONAL HISTORY: Arun is from the Mt. Makalu region of Nepal, east of Everest. His father was killed during the civil war period by the government. After his father’s death, Arun’s mother abandoned him and moved to another village. The district office in that region then sent him to the Bal Mandir orphanage where he lived from 2008 to 2011.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? Arun is a hard working boy and is currently in the top three in his class in school. His last name refers to the caste of Nepalis that live in the high mountains  regions.

Arun 10-14

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