9zpWsVquJsTSx_WBViAQ77_O7z3ouYI-nnX7UsLUCUUNOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE: Arya is 12 years old and is studying in class 5. She loves to sing and dance to Hindi and English songs. Her current favorite songs are “Black Space” and “Lovely.” She also loves to dance in Hindi songs, and she is currently learning a Nepali dance with her sisters at Khusi Ghar for the upcoming festival of Tihar. She is confident that when she grows up she will be a singer, and sees herself singing in the movies one day. She is inspired by the music of her favorite singers Talor Swift and Shreya Ghoshal. Arya also enjoys going to the Hindu temple to worship all of the gods by ringing the temple bells and praying and putting on tika inside the temple. She also enjoys the celebration of all festivals, including Christmas. In school, her favorite subjects are Nepali and English. She recently wrote letters to her best friend Diya and Rachel wishing them a happy holiday season. Math is difficult for Arya, but she does extra practice in her evening study classes. In her recent first term exams, she received an 87%, and came in 5th in her class of 23 students.


IMG_5695 Arya

BIRTHDAY: June 16th

PERSONAL HISTORY: Arya was found discarded in the road by police in Kathmandu when she was about four years old and was brought to Balmandir Orphanage. She could not communicate anything of substance about her family, so there is nothing further about her in the records. Since she has no known relatives, she will spend the Dashain holiday back at the orphanage.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? Arya, which means noble or honorable in Nepali, is a happy girl who loves to dance and play with other children. She especially loves to sing. Her favorite sports are “hide and seek” and running. Her favorite subject in school is Nepali, and she wants to be a teacher or a doctor when she grows up. Arya’s favorite color is orange, and her favorite foods are rice and egg. What she loves to do the most is watch cartoons.Arya 10-14 1

Arya 10-14 3 Arya 10-14 2

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