IMG_7606NOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE: Barsa is 16 years old and studying in grade 11 in her first year of a 2-year Management program. In her free time, she enjoys reading storybooks in English and Nepali. Her all-time favorite story is “No flying in the house,” a fairytale she loved during her school years. She also recently read “Saya”, a romantic novel, and it’s prequel, “Summer Love.” Music is also important to Barsa, and she especially likes to listen to hip-hop and R&B. She likes the local Nepali hip-hop artists, like Yama Buddha, as well as popular American artists such as Chris Brown and Demi Lavato. She is also a dancer, and dances at any chance she gets. In school, her favorite subjects are accounts and English. She likes English because she finds learning a new language very interesting, and because she gets to read a variety of stories, poems, letters, and essays. She recently practiced writing letters in her class, and her homework over the holiday break is to write an essay about the current crisis situation in Nepal. In accounts, she is learning how to journal financials, create legers, make trail balance, and do bank reconciliation statements. She was sick during her final term exam for English, so she will make it up after Tihar, but she took the exams for Nepali, economics, accounts, and business studies, and she feels confident about the results, except for in economics since she was sick while studying. She is planning to become a Chartered Accountant. Next year, after finishing grade 12, she will enter a degree program to continue her study toward this goal. She still treasures the letters that her sponsors sent her in years past, and says she thinks of you often. Her message is this: “Thank you very much for supporting me and bringing me into this situation. I’m very grateful to you. “


IMG_5707 Barsa

BIRTHDAY: April 18th

PERSONAL HISTORY: According to the records at the orphanage, Barsa’s father died and her mother abandoned her so that she could elope with another man. Her grandmother tried to care for her but was destitute. She asked the government to shetler Barsa, and so she was placed at the Balmandir Orphanage at age four. For the long Dashain holiday, Barsa stays at the HCC group home. Sometimes, she has short visits with her grandmother in her birth village.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? In Nepalese, “Barsa” means “rain.” Barsa loves to sing and dance. Her favorite colors are black and white, and her favorite sport is badminton. Barsa’s life ambition is to become a successful business woman, although her “plan B” is to work in hotel management. Barsa has a hunger for learning and a desire to help others. She expresses love and gratitude to her sponsors. If they could come to Nepal, she says she would love to show them all the beautiful places in her country and give them many hugs.


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