hiO2kBEa89Zr8gnAAWWCHBibm-K6ehvIAo3v5qL2E_UNOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE: Bhim is 23 years old. His hobbies include playing basketball, helping his mother, and assisting with his duties as an older brother at Khushi Ghar. He finished his Bachelors in Business studies this year, and is awaiting his 3rd year exam results. In March or April, he will take his necessary make-up tests, and upon passing those exams he will be eligible to receive his final degree and diploma. He is currently in the process of moving out of Khusi Ghar and moving in with his sister and brother-in-law across town. Before the start of the holiday season, he was working as a police report generator, assisting people in filling out official documents. He recently left that work, and during the holidays he was helping his mother with her flower business at the temple. During this time, he worked from about 2:30am until about 9pm at night each day helping his mother sell flowers. Although he will no longer be living at Khushi Ghar, he plans to study hard for his upcoming tests by going through his old class materials for 2-3 hours per day, and if he finds that he needs extra help he promises to seek out tutoring services. He also plans to begin the process of making his passport and is currently looking into options for working abroad. He is specifically interested in working in Dubai, where he thinks he can find work as an accountant or in direct sales.  To Larry and his family, Bhim wishes a very happy Dashain and Tihar holiday season, and says “thank you so much for your support.”


Bhim 10-13BIRTHDAY: November 28th

PERSONAL HISTORY: Bhim was born in the Bardiya district of Nepal. His father died when he was very young, and the family fell into extreme poverty. His mother could no longer feed or care for Bhim, so she placed him in the Balmandir Orphanage when he was seven-years-old. His mother sells flowers on the steps of a local Hindu temple, and Bhim spends some of his days off from school helping her. Sometimes, he takes her clothes to the orphanage to hand wash them as she has no running water.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? In Nepalese, “Bhim” means “person who has the power of a thousand elephants.” Bhim finished ninth grade at the top of his class. By his tenth grade year, he was voted school prefect, which is a high honor and a testament to his leadership qualities. He is funny and well-liked among the other students. Bhim loves to play soccer. His life ambition is to become a pilot, and his “plan B” is to become an accountant or an architect. Bhim expresses love and gratitude for his sponsor and hopes that one day he can meet and show him the beauty of Nepal.


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