LZ8J_qln7VZtVD-G0X1RNTF71GALNo8x6qBOGInp8gUNOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE:  Bina is now 14 and studying in grade 9. She likes to read storybooks in English, and Percy Jackson is her favorite book. She also enjoys listening to music in English, Hindi and Nepali. Her current favorite singer is Demi Lavato. In school, English is her favorite subject, followed by social science and history. In her social science class, she is currently learning about the Nepali Rana regime. In math, she is learning about such subjects as taxes, commissions, and bonuses. Although her mother has suggested that Bina should be a police offer, she plans to pursue a career as a District Forest Officer or a Hydro Engineer. In her recent first term exams, she came in 10th of 39 students.


BinaBIRTHDAY: November 5th

PERSONAL HISTORY: Bina’s father was murdered by Maoists shortly before her younger sister Bipana was born. Her mother had no means to care for either sister, and the girls were placed in a boarding school where they were used as laborers instead of being educated. In April 2010, a high ranking government official that knew Bina and Bipana’s father learned about their plight and contacted HCC, which has now gained a reputation for taking good care of orphaned and abandoned children. He asked HCC to find sponsors for both sisters so that they can be cared for and properly educated.

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