12312110_687103488093841_1510268228_nNOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE: Bishnu is 25 years old and he is currently studying in the 8th and final semester of his Bachelor in Business Administration. He will graduate in April 2016. He is currently working full-time at an auditing firm, where he audits private companies’ value for money. He is also currently privately tutoring students in grades 11 and 12 in accounting. After the holidays, he will take his board exams, and he will begin to do his thesis research regarding the import and export of technological products from India and China. He is very interested in spirituality, and says the most important things to him are God and a good heart. He also believes in being happy, and wants to work for the good of humanity. He remains close with his family in the village, and enjoys visiting them and contributing to their wellbeing. After he completes his studies, he will most likely get a job in a bank. He is also thinking to continue with his graduate education, possibly in a foreign country.


BIRTHDAY: July 30thBishnu 10-14 1

PERSONAL HISTORY: Both Bishnu and his younger brother Nikesh were orphaned after their mother and father died. Their uncle had been paying for Bishnu’s education but after tenth grade could no longer afford it. Nikesh, who has been with HCC for several years, approached us to see if we could help his brother, and after we met this dedicated and kind teen, we couldn’t say no.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? Bishnu is a dedicated student studying for his Bachelors in Business Administration at university. He loves math and hopes to work in a bank or as a business manager after graduation. When Bishnu first joined HCC, he started as a shy boy. Today, he grows more and more comfortable in his new family and home. He lives at the annex apartment but often comes to our group home to help out with the younger students. He also used to help tutor at his grade school—he says that the experience was awesome because he likes to teach but also because he learned so much from the kids he was working with. His favorite book and movie is Harry Potter. He is great at budgeting and makes sure to only buy what he needs, generously sharing with others as well. He wants to thank everyone who has sponsored HCC so much: “I want to say thank you for helping me and giving me this opportunity.”Bishnu 10-14 2



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