cC9pHZyCjmOga4fId4-e8oCFaiGBgwyxmAVSSGg95WkNOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE:  Dhirendra is 13 years old and studying in grade 6. He enjoys sports and competing with his friends in soccer, basketball, and table tennis. He is enjoying learning about algebra in his math class, which is his favorite subject in school. He also finds his computer class interesting, and says learning about software applications is helpful for him. Earliest this year, he made a power point presentation about Dashain and presented it to his class.  Now he is learning about word processors (like MS word and Q basic), and he recently wrote a report on his favorite soccer player, Christain Renaldo, who he admires for his sport skills and hairstyles. He also likes the Chinese martial artist Jet Lee. Dhirendra aspires to be an electronic engineer and wants to invent new machines. He struggles a bit with his English, but says he is willing to work hard and improve. In his recent first-term exams, he received an 89%, and came in 5th in his class of 50 students.


Direndra 10-14BIRTHDAY: May 2

PERSONAL HISTORY: No official documents exist for his date of birth. He was brought by a village neighbor to the Bal Mandir orphanage in 2008 at the age of 7. He was born in Mugu (Northern part of Nepal). According to the local paper, he does not know what happened to his father, but his mother married another man. He has two elder sisters and a younger brother but does not know where they are.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? Direndra, which means “God of Patience” in Nepali, tends to appear quiet and serious around adults, but he likes to cut loose when he is around his many friends.  He loves science and math at school, and while he  finds Nepali class difficult, he has sought out extra help so that he can keep his grades up.  He says that he likes school very much and has tons of friends there, most of whom are also supported by HCC.  He loves to play outside, watch action and scary movies, and read stories.  His favorite food is chicken “mo-mo’s” (Nepali dumplings), and wants tDirendrao be a soccer star when he grows up.


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