IMG_7697NOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE:  Giri Raj is 20 years old. This last year was a gap year for him, so he took several training courses, including a Personality Development and Public Speaking course. He also spent his time helping out at the Khushi Ghar group home, and he had the chance to travel, including with HCC and Creating Possibilities Nepal to the far Western region of Nepal, the Annapurna circuit, Dang, Kavre, and Rasuwa. He recent got accepted into the IT College of his choice, the Deerwalk Institute of Technology, and will start in November 2015 as a freshman in the Bachelor program of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (BSCSIT).  He is looking forward to beginning his new degree program, where he plans to work hard and be at the top of his class. His hobbies include photography, and playing soccer and basketball with his brothers at Khusi Ghar. He likes to take people’s portraits, as well as photos of landscape scenery, and has been gaining experience by taking photographs and videos for HCC for the past three years. He feels that writing is the best way for him to express his feelings, so he writes a lot. After completion of his program at Deerwalk, he would like to apply for a masters program in IT in Europe and work in the networking and security industry. For his sponsor, he has this message, “Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I am very grateful for your sponsorship, and I will utilize it in the best possible way. As I become a successful person I will definitely give back to my society and to my HCC family.


Giri 10-14 1BIRTHDAY: April 25th

PERSONAL HISTORY: Giri’s father died when he was very young, leaving his mother, an older sister and two younger brothers destitute. In order to survive, his mother abandoned the children so that another man would marry her. The government placed Giri and his two younger brothers in the orphanage.


WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? “Giri Raj” means “big hill” and “raj” alone means “to rule.” Giri Raj is a bright, hardworking student. His favorite sport is soccer and loves to listen and sing Nepalese “pop” music. His life ambition is to become a doctor so he can help poor people with no access to healthcare. Giri Raj’s “Plan B” is to be a scientific researcher to help discover cures to illnesses.

Giri 10-13

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