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Pabil News (Nepal) 24th September, 2017

Translation of Pabil News article:  Free Computer and internet in the school in Rural Dhading in Nepal

24th Sept, 2017: Thakre (Dhading):21st Century is marked as the era of science and technology. To provide access to information and technology to the students in the rural Nepal, it is connected with internet and well-designed computer lab. This is a joint venture of Prem Sagar Foundation, The Prem Rawat Foundation and Himalayan Children’s Charities (HCC), from which 3 schools in Dhading and one school in Makwanpur is directly benefitted with free computer lab and free internet services. Litimmahakali Secondary school (Thakre), Mahakali Secondary school (Tasarpur), Adarsha Secondary school (Damechaur) and Bageshwori secondary school (Thaha), all got 20 set computers each. ”Total cost for this support was around 80 lakhs Nepalese rupees for four different schools,” says Bhola Rawat, Program Manager at Prem Sagar Foundation, Nepal.