Higher-Learning Education Scholarships

Unlike many other non-profit programs, HCC remains a helpful resource and stable family environment into adulthood. Students in both the Signature Program and the Earthquake Orphan Scholarship Program who wish to continue into higher education can apply for scholarships to attend college, university or technical school education. Tuition and board is provided by HCC based on financial need, merit, motivation and academic dedication.

The Nepali school system is similar in structure to the British system. ‘High school’ or ‘secondary school’, is finished after 10th grade, at which point students can decide if they would like to enroll in a technical school (similar to a vocational school, where the students learn a trade such as construction, plumbing or car mechanics) or progress to ‘college’ (which is roughly equivalent to grades 11 and 12 in the American system). To enter college students must take a standardized test, and if they pass enroll in one of three areas: math/science, management or humanities. Upon successfully completion of college, students can then apply to a three-year university program to obtain their bachelor’s degree or a five-year university program to obtain a master’s or specialized qualification such as a doctor or lawyer.