G1fHcAH3FG4UZxKDNBRMcRBWlrAWTQy4ceYlZJgMLk4,Clo1UGfOXxHYPboAfAcJX1SieWQuaPTkvxmKC5AjkjcNOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE: Kashi is now 13 and studying in grade 7. She likes to spend her free time drawing pictures and coloring. She often draws colorful portraits of fictional characters. She also enjoys listening to stories. Her and her friends at school get together and tell ghost stories. She also enjoys listening to English and Nepali songs, and especially likes One Direction and Arianna Grande. In school, English and math are her favorite subjects. She is learning lots of new vocabulary words in her English class, and in math she is currently studying geometry. Kashi also finds social science interesting, and she enjoys reading about the history of Nepal and all of the past kings and queens. She plans to pursue a career in nursing, or in some kind of social work. She says homeless people would be an interesting population to work with. Becoming a professional artist and drawing village scenes is also an option. In her recent first term exam results, she received 74%, and came in 12th in her class of 32.


BIRTHDAY:Kashi November 16th

PERSONAL HISTORY: Although the personal records from the orphanage are sketchy, we know that Kashi’s father died and her mother eloped with another man. Kashi was probably abandoned by her mother because culturally, in Nepal, a man will seldom accept another man’s children as his own. Kashi and her younger brother Gam were brought to Bal Mandir orphanage by her uncle, because he was unable to afford to feed them. Kashi’s little brother Gam is still at the orphanage.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? The name “Kashi” means “a very sacred place for Hindu in India where the Holy River Ganga flows”.  Kashi is a happy girl who loves to dance, sing and play with other children. She especially loves her little brother Gam and hopes to be reunited with him someday. Her favorite sport is basketball. Her favorite subjects in school are Nepali and English, and she wants to be a teacher when she grows up, Kashi’s favorite color is yellow, and her favorite food is noodles. Kashi loves spending time singing and dancing.

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