Q8aeyxnyoLtLRg9IpOpVubVByrPPzNEmd5SMJnHitqQNOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE: Koshis is now 11 and studying in grade 5. Science is still his favorite subject, and he is currently learning about plants and the mechanisms of living things in his class. He also enjoys art and has a talent for sketching. He especially enjoys drawing scenery such as mountains and sunsets. He really enjoys the creative aspect of design, and thinks he may want to be an architect when he grows up. He finds inspiration in the works of Araniko, a famous artist from Nepal who created many ancient pagoda-style temples. Koshis likes to visit Buddhist temples, and says he would like to learn more about Buddhism. Koshis also likes to meditate, and “to just sit and be still”. He also enjoys soccer and table tennis, buffalo dumplings (buff momo), and eating sweets and chocolates. In his recent first term exams, he received an 80%, and placed in the top 20 students in his class.


BIRTHDAY: AprKoshishil 1st

PERSONAL HISTORY: Although the personal records from the orphanage are incomplete, we know that Koshis’ father died and his mother eloped with another man. Koshis was probably abandoned by his mother because culturally, in Nepal, a man will seldom accept another man’s children as his own. Koshis and his older sister Kashi, were brought to Bal Mandir orphanage by her uncle, because he was financially unable to feed them. HCC has recently secured a sponsor for Koshis and he is now at school with Kashi.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? The name “Koshis” means “try” in Nepalese. Koshis is a happy boy who loves to play all sports with balls. He especially loves his older sister Kashi. His favorite activities are basketball and soccer. His favorite subject in school is Nepali. When he grows up, he wants to be a doctor and help heal sick people.

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