61YjXL7l2WkcFH2a5UFeGWNeiJj1E76aT6lzKTVjz5Q,I6oFY9sPaN2EjNR8dVTwMeKDepr6GldygZ8IgubxRJUNOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE: Laxmi turns 23 on the 19th of Dec. This year she finished her Bachelors in Business Studies, and is awaiting her final year’s result. She expects to receive her degree by March 2016, and she will also move out from the HCC annex apartment at this same time. She is planning on living in an apartment with her cousin. She recently had a number of jobs offered to her, including as a teacher in a rural school in Nuwakot, but accepted a full-time position with Creating Possibilities, Nepal (CP) and HCC as an office assistant. In her free time, she is learning how to knit, and is currently working on making mufflers and hand warmer for the coming winter. She also enjoys reading, and is currently reading the Nepali novel, “Radha,” which is a remade story of Krishna and Radha within a present-day context. After Tihar, she may enroll in an accounting course, in order to better utilize the opportunity to train with Nura, the accountant at CP. She also loves to travel and meet new people, and she loves that she gets to engage with so many people from around the country, and around the world, through her friendships and through work. She also recently served as an intern for earthquake relief work in Dhading, Nuwakot, Rasuwa, and Kavre, and although it was very tough to walk and travel in the rural settings, she greatly enjoyed the work overall and says she is very happy to be part of the HCC supported Dhading Children’s Initiative, which is run by and for locals. During the Dashian and Tihar holidays, she has been busy helping in Khushi Ghar to care for her younger siblings by cooking, cleaning and organizing activities such as the quiz contest and Dashain mela.  Laxmi wants to thank Jeff again for coming to visit her.  It was a very special moment in Laxmi’s life, and she says it was the best thing that has happened to her. She is very thankful for her connection with her sponsoring mom, dad and sisters, and is very grateful for your presence in her life. She says she will work hard and make you proud.


Laxmi 10-14 3BIRTHDAY: December 19th

PERSONAL HISTORY: According to the records at the orphanage, Laxmi’s father died when she was very young. Her mother was then destitute and was unable to care for the child; Laxmi was abandoned. Someone brought Laxmi to the orphanage. Since then, her mother has visited once.


WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? Laxmi is a happy, self-confident and thoughtful girl who loves to knit and dance. Her favorite sport is basketball. At dinner one night, a self-assured Laxmi told visiting HCC sponsors that doesn’t want to marry until she is about thirty, so that she can be a successful computer engineer and take care of herself. Her “plan B” is to become a social worker so that she can help others. Laxmi wants to make Nepal and the world a better place for children.


A Personal Letter from Laxmi
Dearest everyone namaste,

I really blessed and content to have you all in my life. I cannot express my happiness through words. I have made lots of drastic changes since I have come here to the group home. I have learned many valuable things which I assure that it will help me a lot in my future. I have got everything now Dinesh uncle and Hira aunt as a caring guardian and Dearest parents as you all. I have learned to do everything on my own from cooking, studying, tackling with problems and sorting out my own ideas, shopping alone, living with co-operation in a family and lot more things. This has been possible due to your support and care given by Uncle and Aunt.

I really can’t imagine how changed I am comparing before when I was in Bal Mandir. I have changed from a shy girl to an independent girl and this credit goes all to HCC and my sponsors. I am really happy to be a part of HCC. I will work hard to fulfill my ambition and set an example to other younger kids of HCC. I will make maximum utilization of all the facilities given by HCC and this is my great challenge.

Thank you for providing chance to write about the new topic. I have enjoyed a lot to express my words. Thank you for yours priceless love and care.


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