4vO3_QyAHsx6I-dZNV4vaBpPt1r9P5c_2oAH4Va9ecQ,0MUlz9HAw_GPfxSmsiIbO8rgsVbD5iGn5WRou4Pk3n8NOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE : Munmaya just turned 23 years old, and she recently graduated with her bachelor degree and is waiting for her final year results. She started working last month as a librarian at a nearby private school. Eventually, she would like to work in a field related to her studies in accounts and finance, and she is excited to be working in the school as well since she is just starting out as a young professional. She is also passionate about exploring new places in Nepal and is open to working outside of Kathmandu Valley. Eventually, she plans to return to Jumla, where she is from, to start an apple business (apple fruits, not IPhones, she jokes!) Munmaya is really close with her sisters and brothers at HCC, and has been working diligently with the younger kids at Khusi Ghar during their holiday school breaks. She has also been enjoying living with Nari, Chet and Laxmi at the girls Annex apartment, where she says she and the other senior girls are learning to live their lives as responsible young adults.


Munmaya 10-14 4BIRTHDAY: October 25th

PERSONAL HISTORY: Mun Maya started with HCC 9 years ago when she was 10 years old. She was sent to the Bal Mandir orphanage at age 6, after the death of her father. Her mother remarried, and as is common in Nepal, the mother’s new family did not want to keep the children from the first marriage. Mun Maya has since met her mother, and cares for her very much- she tries to visit and wants to help take care of her family in the future. Since coming to HCC, she has really blossomed into a beautiful young woman.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? This sweet and dedicated young woman was one of the first of our girls to move into our group home, and is our host parents “right hand woman” when it comes to caring for the rest of the house. She is known as the best cook and the kitchen manager. She is a very hard worker, never complains, and is a fast friend with everyone she meets. Mun Maya is also a great student; she is currently studying business in school, and hopes to work for a bank one day or to start her own business. For Mun Maya, her success is most important to her so that she will have the ability to give back to her family and HCC one day. She is trained in mentoring others through an HCC program, and has helped tutor children in a protection home when she is on break from school. She loves trying new things, meeting new people, and caring for her best friends at Khusi Gar. She likes to knit and playing with kids. She is quick to ask you about your past, or grab your arm to walk hand in hand as she tells you about her plans for the future with a big smile on her face. When asked about what HCC has done for her life she said: “Without HCC my life would be hell. It has provided me with each and every facility that I needed in my life. I will surely help HCC after I finished my study and start my career.”

Mun Maya 10-13

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