4Me30vCjMIjlAoZMhGMQSuTj8p0QsBwabLgS_dCudMsNOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE: Monika is now 12 in studying in grade 7. She enjoys collecting photos, and pictures from magazines, and making collages. She says she loves to have keepsakes of her good memories, and also visual representations of her future dreams. Monika is also a talented sewer, and likes to make clothes for her dolls to wear. She is also interested in baking, and is learning from youtube how to make bakery items like cakes and cookies. She looks forward to having the opportunity to try out the recipes once she finds an oven to practice with.  She also enjoys doing hair, and can create styles from French braids and princess styles.  In school, science and English are her favorite subjects.  She is currently learning about geology and English literature and grammar. Monika is interested in becoming a veterinarian doctor and working with animals. Modeling and the fashion industry are also interesting prospects, and she is interested in both modeling and in fashion design. In her recent first-term exams, she received an 85%, and came in 13th in her class of 52 students.


Monika 10-14 1BIRTHDAY: July 4th

PERSONAL HISTORY: Monika was abandoned as an infant and nothing is known of her parents or any relatives. She was admitted to Bal Mandir on the advice of the District Work Committee in Chitwan, a village to the south of Nepal where she is from. In 2011, the director of the orphanage asked HCC sponsor Manika so that she could leave the orphanage to attend a quality, residential, English language school.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? Monika, which means “jewel” in Nepali, is very studious and committed to everything she does. However, even in her seriousness, she is quick to engage and smile. She is a great artist and likes to draw pictures of characters from fairytales, her favorite being Snow White. She loves to wear anything pink, and adores dogs. On the Dashain holiday, she gave a “tika” to her favorite stray dog Rocky! (A tika is the special “blessing” in the form of paint on the forehead). When she grows up, she wants to be a nurse— she isn’t sure why, but she has plenty of time and certainly the smarts to find out as she grows up! She loves to travel to other places too. She recently got to go on a school trip to Pokhara. She loved it especially because it has a beautiful lake.




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