12311983_927711973943121_1638716637_nNOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE: Nari is 22 and studying in her second year in a Bachelor in Nursing program at Pokhara University. She enjoys spending her free time knitting, listening to music, reading books, watching movies, and hanging out with her family and friends. She is currently knitting winter scarves as birthday presents for her friends. When it comes to music, she especially likes rock and pop music and Bollywood songs. One of her favorite songs at the moment is “Coffee Peetey Peetey” from the movie “Gabber is Back.” Nari loves reading novels, and recently read a couple of good books by Indian authors about life and love. During the holidays, she spent a lot of time at Khushi Ghar helping to care for her HCC siblings and do some of the cooking and household chores. She also had the chance to visit her natal village with her sister Chet over this holiday break, and enjoyed her time there. At University, she is learning about anatomy, physiology and disease conditions, with a focus on nursing management, and she enjoys the classes in which she is currently enrolled, including Adult Nursing and Community Health Nursing. In Adult Nursing, she is learning about how various diseases affect adult populations, and in Community Health Nursing, she is learning about preventing disease and promoting health at the community level. She is also currently during her practical rounds at various government hospitals around the Kathmandu Valley and she really enjoys this work – much more than learning about theory in class. After graduating, she plans on continuing with her graduate studies through the Masters level and working as a pediatric nurse. She says, “Thank you very much for making me who I am today and for giving me the best life. I’m grateful for the opportunity and education.”

Nari 1BIRTHDAY: March 28th

PERSONAL HISTORY: According to the records at the orphanage, Nari’s father died when she was very young. Her mother was then destitute. The mother abandoned Nari so that she could remarry. A relative brought her and her sister Chet to the orphanage. Both Chet and Nari attend school now. They have two brothers; Padam is in the village and Man lives in Malaysia (he came to meet her once).

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? Nari is a sweet, creative and thoughtful girl who loves to dance, play guitar and read books. Her favorite sports are basketball and swimming. Nari’s life ambition is to become a doctor, nurse or an artist. Nari has a hunger for learning and wants to make Nepal and the world a better place.

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