EmMIR5HkgNI2EnuqvQWT417ExD_nqqRjBgdPim88EPUNOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE:  Prem just turned 13, and he is studying in grade 6. These days, he is very interested in wshu (kung foo) Chinese martial arts, as well as in dance.  He enjoys learning the basic steps and is talented in the performance of these art forms as well. Early this year Prem competed in a wshu competition and took first place.  In school, his favorite subjects are art, Nepali and math. He enjoys drawing Japanese cartoons, and reading storybooks – especially stories about magic and heroes who help others, and those with nice pictures in them.  He is interested in the healing arts and is considering learning about massage when he is older. He is also interested in engineering and robotics, and thinks it would be really neat to learn how to make remote control helicopters. In Prem’s recent first-term exams, he received a 60%. His teachers are encouraging and say that he is interested and engaged in his studies, and that he is slowly improving in his grades.


Prem 10-14 3BIRTHDAY: August 19th

PERSONAL HISTORY: As a baby, Prem’s father abandoned the family. His struggling mother began to abuse alcohol, and she eventually abandoned him at the side of the road. He was found by a walking municipal worker, who had him admitted to the orphanage at age 4.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL?Prem, which means “love” in Nepali, is a very energetic and outgoing young man. He is always interested in everything going on around Khusi Gar and says he loves HCC because it has given him so many brothers and sisters. At school, he loves math because he loves the numbers and says that the subject is easy for him. He thinks Nepali is hard, but loves to ask questions in class, at school, he has gotten 45 merits so far for participation. When asked what he wants to do when he grows up, Prem said “I want to be a student! I want to study!” He loves “chow mein” and “mo-mos” (Nepali dumplings), and he loves to sing. When asked what his favorite music was, he burst into a popular Nepali pop song. He is a great dancer, especially hip hop style and “break-dancing”!

Prem 10-14 1

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