Earthquake Orphan Scholarship Programs (EOSP)

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Two DCI students in Dhading, Rusma and Anju, holding backpacks provided by HCC. Both girls lost their fathers in the April earthquake, and were displaced from their devastated villages in remote, northernmost part of Dhading. They are now living together with their mothers and siblings in Dhola, Dhading and are attending local schools.

EOSP encompasses the collaborative Dhading Children’s Initiative (DCI) and the Rural Education Empowerment Program (REEP), and provides financial help, programming, and access to opportunities and resources, and a support network so that vulnerable children survivors get the loving care, high quality education, and extra mentorship they need to thrive in their families and local communities and get inspired themselves to give back.

EOSP supports children who lost parents (usually either their mother or father) during the earthquakes of April and May 2015. With our support, children are able stay with (or in some cases near to) their families and in school, surrounded by a caring community and network of support.

This all works to mitigate the increased risks we know the children face of child trafficking, child marriage, child labor, early school drop out, and separation from their families.

Graduated HCC youth, who themselves have lived through these experiences, are at the forefront of developing and running these programs, ensuring that all our work is fully centered around solutions to the needs of the children we serve.

We provide educational scholarships for day and boarding school fees and related expenses (uniforms, books, etc.), working closely with the schools and local teachers and administers to track student attendance and academic progress. We provide direct financial support and kinship support services to struggling families. We also distribute material goods throughout the year including warm clothes, stationary and hygiene items. And we provide health services including on-site physicals and basic health and hygiene awareness programs.

Our special workshops and programs for students and guardians are designed to build community, and make available an array of services and opportunities including tutoring for grades 8-10, higher educational scholarships, and resources related to income generation for single parents, as well creative art workshops, academic and career counseling, anti-trafficking awareness programs, and a peer-to-peer mentorship.

2016 Dhading Children’s Initiative Report:

DCI_Annual Report 2016