Signature Program

HCC students at Kushi Ghar getting together to celebrate the Nepali holidays as a family.

HCC’s senior students (pictured: Jasmati and Khil) help to organize activities and events at Khushi Ghar for their younger HCC siblings. Here they are celebrating the Nepali festival Dashain (2015) as a family.

HCC’s signature program in Kathmandu has been operating for over 16 years. There are currently 49 students in the¬†program, all of whom are orphaned or abandoned, and have no family support. Most of these children were rescued from the overcrowded and underfunded state run orphanage system, and several more children were taken in during the 1996-2006 Civil War via the request of the then president of Nepal. Since 2000, HCC has been providing these children and youth with day-to-day care and support, education through the technical degree or university level. All HCC students receive day-to-day life skills training and experience, communication and leadership training, one-on-one career counseling, and individualized exit planning, so that they possess the necessary tools and confidence for creating happy, healthy, and meaningful lives.

The infrastructure of HCC’s signature program includes the Khushi Ghar (Happy Home) group home for students in grades 11 and 12; two annex apartments for university students; house parents, and provisions of all necessities¬†including education, food, clothes and medicine. Transportation, Internet, and all school-related costs are covered. The children also have access to psychological counseling, self-esteem coaching and private tutoring.