b56KkMSPpEPs6CC4iuhIXcqQfFjzPQX81YN_9Xdj0SE,vxDYlSxLu1fydc1A_eK4rS_6LpmifmGdly585XqqRlcNOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE:  Pushpa is 14 years old, and studying in grade 9. She enjoys designing and sewing outfits for her dolls, as well as reading and playing games.  She and her friends Sonu and Ambika make a variety of clothing for their dolls, including dresses, pants, shirts, and kurta suruwals. She likes to read fairytales, and her favorite is Cinderella. In school, she recently watched a new film version of the Cinderalla story. She is also talented in basketball and table tennis. Earlier this year, she received the “most valuable player” award in basketball, and she has won 5 championships in table tennis. She also loves to sing and dance, and writes songs in both Nepali and English. Pushpa’s dreams include becoming a singer, a dancer, a designer, and a flight attendant. One day she wants to travel and visit her sponsors, and she would like to bring her Nepali family with her to see the world as well. She is really interested in seeing the hard work that her sponsors are doing on her behalf.

In school, her favorite subjects are social studies, math, and biology. She is interested in learning about plants, especially underwater plants. She also enjoys learning about history and society. In her recent first term exams, she did well in social studies and in math, but had a difficult time with the Nepali section of the test. She is receiving extra tutoring in Nepali in her evening study class. She is doing well in her monthly tests. After she graduates from SLC, she would like to study to become a flight attendant.


BIRTHDAYPushpa 10-14 3: January 4th

PERSONAL HISTORY: As a toddler, Puspa’s father abandoned her mother and twin brother in the province of Darchula, Kathmandu. The mother was economically devastated and developed a serious illness. Unable to care for Puspa or Harsha, they were placed at Bal Mandir orphanage at age 5 by their brother.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? Pushpa, which means “spice flower” in Nepalese, is a focused student who already knows she wants to be a pediatric doctor, and explains that she would like to help babies grow up to be healthy. She works hard in math and science to help her reach her goal. She loves to read, especially fairy tales. Rapunzel is her favorite story, and she says she wishes she had long hair too, but she keeps her hair short to keep looking tidy! She isn’t so interested in watching movies, she prefers to play basketball and badminton with her friends. Her favorite playmates are her friends Ambika, Sonu, and Sunita. Pushpa is very appreciative of the food (especially pizza and burgers!), clothing, shelter, and love provided to her at HCC, and hopes to do the same for children like her when she grows up.


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