rupesh-hotel-management-report-malaysia        I am Rupesh, and I’m doing my bachelors degree in hotel management at Global College Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Education in Kathmandu, Nepal. The course lasts for three years and consists of six semesters. After finishing my second semester, it was time for me to explore the real industry and to do practical training. This was my internship period. It lasts for 1 year and covers my third and fourth semesters. We have a choice to do internship domestically or internationally. To explore the real industry and to know about outer world I chose to do an international internship.

I got the chance to do my international internship in Malaysia. I did my internship in Port Dickson, a beach town about 60 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur, at the Thistle Port Dickson Resort and Spa Hotel. It is a five star luxury hotel. The resort has six outlets – a Chinese restaurant, an Italian restaurant, a halal restaurant, a pool bar, a beach bar, and a coffee and bakery shop.

I flew to Malaysia on 23 February 2016. We reached our hotel the next day at 9 AM. Altogether we were 5 friends from the same college. We were all excited to enter into the new world. This was everyone’s first trip to another country. The next day we had orientation about the hotel and our work there. After that, the Assistant HR took us to have a look around the hotel.  We started our training and work internship from the next day. I got the chance to work in different outlets like the bars, Chinese Restaurant (where I got chance to learn little bit about Chinese cuisine), the Italian restaurant, in the banquet halls, and in room service. We had two shifts for Trainees – morning and afternoon. Morning shift was from 7 AM to 3 PM and afternoon shift ran from 3 PM to 11 PM. Our shift used to change in 1 week intervals. After doing training for six months, I had a good sense about how a five star hotel runs. We completed our training on 20 August 2016.

We used to get one day off in a week. That was the day for complete rest. I would do my laundry on this day, and sometimes go with my friends to the beach and to sing karaoke. My favorite thing was getting to experience the nightlife, and getting to travel to several places around Malaysia. At the same time, things were quite difficult as I had long work hours and earned less. I was also missing Nepal and was excited to return.

I got to experience how the real hotel industry works and how difficult it is. I also saw how much more developed other countries are than Nepal. My time in Malaysia inspired me to work and travel in other countries. I’m really very grateful for this amazing opportunity to learn and expand myself.

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