IMG_6789NOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE:  Sadhana is 12 years old and she is studying in class 6. In her free time, she loves to dance, sing and listen to music. She is taking dance as her extracurricular class in school, and she especially enjoys learning hip-hop dance and listening to hip-hop, as well as “sentimental,” music. She enjoys listening to English songs the most, including those of Avril Lavinge and Katy Perry, and her favorite song at the moment is “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Golding. She can often be found singing along to the music she listens to. She also enjoys reading fairy-tales and she loves the Cinderella story. She is currently reading a book about Tinkerbell. She also likes to watch South Indian movies, and plays basketball on an intermural team at her school. She plays on the “Ruby” team, and in their recent school tournament they took second place. Her favorite subjects in school are math, science and social studies. In math she is currently studying simplification of operations, or BODMAS: brackets, orders (powers and roots), division and multiplication, addition and subtraction. In science she is studying about the classification about plants and animals, and in social Studies she is studying about national infrastructure and development. Her first term results were excellent. She stood 2nd in her class out of 32 students and she got an overall 94% on her term exams. Although she enjoys math, she finds it somewhat difficult and she receives regular tutoring in this subject. She plans to study in the +2 science track after grade 10, and her aim is to become a doctor or an engineer. Sadhana has dreams of giving back to her family and community, and feels that due to her sponsors this is possible. She says, “thank you for helping me with my studies, for giving me all this opportunity, and for providing me a good house to live in (Khushi Ghar).”


Sadhana 10-13BIRTHDAY: March 17th

PERSONAL HISTORY: As a baby, Sadhana was found on the side of the road in Katmandu, and she has no known relatives except an older sister (“Shrishti”) who was also abandoned and brought to Bal Mandir orphanage. After she settled in at the School in 2008, she told HCC that she missed her sister; enabling HCC to “rescue” Shrishti in April of 2009. The girls are now reunited. In October 2010, the sisters spent their first Dashain happily at HCC’s new group home instead of back at the orphanage.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? In the Nepalese language, “Sadhana” means “to close your eyes and meditate while playing music.” Sadhana is a bright, bubbly, happy child who loves to sing, dance and play with the other children. Her favorite sport is “skipping” and her favorite color is pink. Sadhana’s favorite subject is math and wants to be a doctor.

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