dFDwnOWRIIxIakS1WLuIdW5obuCKtq8mP9JjNOZvvagNOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE:  Saraswati is 17 years old. She finished 12th grade this year, and during the last two years she has been in the science track at school. In her free time, she likes to read books, and also enjoys to travel and to roam around. She especially loves reading mystery books and biographies of famous people such as Einstein and other scientists. She also finished all of the Harry Potter books. She just returned from Pokhara, where she visited her family, and celebrated the Dashain festival and the marriages of her sister and cousin. She loves visiting new places, and says she especially enjoys the fresh air and watching the scenery pass by while traveling by vehicle. One day, she hopes to travel to the district of Mustang, because it looks like such a beautiful place to see. She doesn’t like to sit in one place for a long time, so during her study breaks she enjoys walking around and people watching in different neighborhood around Kathmandu. Saraswati is currently at a crossroads with her studies, in which entering into the medical field is her goal. She is thinking to become a doctor, and was also looking into a career in medical imagining technology. She is also very interested in optometry. Due to a number of mitigating factors, including the affects of the earthquake and the very limited seats for the programs that exist in Nepal, she didn’t get admission into the programs of her choice this year. Therefore, she is currently considering other options including veterinarian medicine and agriculture, although becoming a medical doctor is still her first choice.


Saraswoti 10-14 4BIRTHDAY: February 12th

PERSONAL HISTORY:  When Saraswoti was just a baby, her father passed away.  Her mother and their family could not afford to feed her, so they gave her to the orphanage in hopes of a better life for her.  She was living in the orphanage from the age of 4 until HCC was able to take her on when she started class 7.  She has two sisters, one who is older and married, and another who is in a program similar to HCC’s.   She doesn’t speak to her mother much, but does enjoy visiting in the village the few times she has been able to.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL?  Saraswoti is an inquisitive, confident young woman who will be graduating from her resident school this year and moving into our group home.  She loves to study and is always hard at work.  Right now, her favorite subject is science, because they are studying the classification of plants and animals.  She finds it very interesting to learn about all of the different types of adaptations organisms have.   When asked if she finds anything difficult, she says all of her subjects are easy as long as she can work hard at them.  In the past, she admits that she was afraid to ask questions in class, but these days, she loves participating and likes school a lot.  She also wants to learn about the history “that isn’t written in books”, showing a desire to get into the details about her country Nepal and the world.  Saraswoti loves to read, especially Nancy Drew books.  She hasn’t found any mysteries of her own yet, but she says she is on the lookout!  She has several awards at school and recently won first place in a table tennis competition.  She doesn’t know what she wants to be yet, but that is one mystery Saraswoti will surely solve in the future!







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