Io2zJLFX-2yXWhCgED_ubFqM-kv36pkK4BSBltHvEqkNOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE: Shankar is now 19, and studying in a prestigious UK-based Association of Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) program. The program is composed of three levels – Knowledge, Skills, and Profession. He is about one year into the program, and his progress is steady. He has completed the Knowledge curriculum, and is now working through learning Skills. All together, he must complete fourteen exams in order to complete his program and graduate. So far, he has completed the four. Now he is studying for his exam on taxes, which he plans to take in December. The most interesting subjects that he has studied in this course so far have been law, which he says is easy for him to understand, and financial accounting, because it is more practical and less theory-based. Shankar says the job prospects are very good for him once his study is complete, but that the course itself is very difficult and tedious. One day, he plans on opening his own accounting firm.


Shankar 10-14BIRTHDAY: February 19th

PERSONAL HISTORY: According to available records, Shankar’s father died in a mining explosion while working at the Bhotekoshi project. His mother became mentally ill and unable to care for Shankar and his two brothers, so they were all placed at the Balmandir Orphanage. One brother (Pralad) remains at the orphanage, while his older brother was sponsored by HCC and advocated to get Shankar out of the orphanage. He has an older sister named Srijana, but they are not in contact with her.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? Shankar means “Lord Shiva” in Hindu. is very bright, hardworking and is close to his brother Khil. His favorite pastime is reading; he can often be found reading, especially adventures with animals. Some of his favorites are Call of the Wild, Treasure Island, and Roots. His favorite sports are basketball and soccer (he is a good goalie). His life ambition is to become a pilot so that he can travel to faraway places.

Shankar 10-13





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