0kTZjLQcu1KALLJhFLZD-NDHR3GuMGM3b8X6rCQ397oNOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE: Sonu is 14 years old and now studies in grade 8. She loves to draw and stitch clothing for her dolls including skirts, t-shirts, pants, and Nepali kurta suruwals. She draws portraits of her friends, as well as landscape sceneries.  She also plays basketball on her school team, as well as with her friends. She is participating in the Khusi Ghar basketball tournament during this school break, and thinks her team is going to win. In school, her favorite subjects are science and math.  She is currently learning about electricity in science, and in math she is learning about ratios and geometry. Arts and crafts is her other favorite class, and she recently got to make a papier-mâché dragon and butterfly. She wants to be a doctor or nurse when she grows up, so after two years when she passes her SLC she plans to go into the Intermediate +2 science track.  In her recent monthly exam, she got a 91%, and came in 5th out of 35 students.



Sonu 10-14 2BIRTHDAY: March 30th

PERSONAL HISTORY: As toddler, Sonu was abandoned in the Gaurigaun province of Gaushala, Katmandu. She was discovered by a patrolling policeman and subsequently was not claimed by any relatives. She was placed in the orphanage at age 3. Sonu has no memories of her family or birth place.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? Sonu is an active, happy girl who loves to sing, dance and play soccer. Her favorite subject is math, and her favorite color is pink. Her life ambition is to be a teacher so that she can help other children learn. Her “Plan B” is to be a doctor or a police-woman.

Sonu 10-13

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