fQuT9n3qywy3n1LSKZay7_fdd5dyW3CPP1BghcgJ9jYNOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE: Suman is now 12 and studying in grade 5. He is a great dancer, and loves to play all sports. Science class is his favorite, and he enjoys learning about the natural world. He also likes learning about history, cultures and festivals in Nepal and around the world in his social studies class. He is intrigued by cars, and thinks it would be fun to design them in the future. He also wants to continue to improve his soccer skills so that he can be a professional soccer player in the future. In his recent first term exams, he received an 87.63%, and placed 7th in his class out of 47 students.





Suman 10-13BIRTHDAY: February 16th

PERSONAL HISTORY: Suman is an orphan whose parents are both dead. He and his three sisters were all was found discarded in the road by patrolling police in Kathmandu when they were very young and they all were brought to Bal Mandir orphanage. They have no known relatives.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? “Suman,” which means  “Good Heart” in Nepali, is a happy boy who loves to dance and play with other children, but especially loves to sing. His favorite sport is football (soccer). His favorite subject in school is Science Class. He wants to be a policeman when he grows up, Suman’s favorite color is yellow and his favorite food is ice cream. What he loves to do the most is play with his best friend Prem.

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