A2vWjW8jI3H2Z9n_noeajUi5o786Cqdl-82jvPDXB3Q,rh57yl32Ze4ResySk2ufYYng-GW04XsFnK5ZKwFkzlMNOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE:  Tripti is 14 years old and is currently studying in grade 8. She wants to be famous when she grows up, maybe through her passions of cooking and design.  She loves to cook all different kinds of Nepali foods, and she is considering opening her own restaurant in the future. She especially enjoyed making Nepali buffalo dumplings (buff momo) with her sister over the break. Fried rice, momos, and pizza are among her favorite foods to eat. She also likes to come up with her own clothing designs, and is currently learning how to sew.  She also knits, and is currently making scarves and hand warmers for the coming winter. Over the holiday break, she got to spend time with her older sister, who is married and lives in Kathmandu. In school, Tripti’s favorite subjects are math and Nepali. Algebra and geometry are especially interesting for her, and she is currently studying angles in her math class.  She also loves reading Nepali stories, especially those about friendship and cooperation, since she likes to know about people helping each other. She also enjoys social studies, and she enjoys history lessons, and specifically likes to learn about the past royal system in Nepal. When Tripti is older, she would like to go into the medical profession, and is considering becoming a nurse. She is also very interested in during humanitarian work and helping people.  In her recent first-term exams, she did well, receiving 68% and coming in 15th in her class of 35. To Jan and Sarah, Tripti says, “Thank you very much for helping and cooperating with me. I miss you a lot.”


BIRTHDAY: March 30tTriptih

PERSONAL HISTORY: Tripti, which means “satisfaction” in Nepali, was born in the outskirts of Kathmandu near Kopan. She was abandoned by her family and given to the Balmandir orphanage after her father died in a farming accident. Her mother is alive somewhere, but she doesn’t know her. She lived in Balmandir for a few years, but HCC was lucky enough to get her into a quality school program in time for UKG, the Nepali equivalent of kindergarten.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? Tripti is one of our star students. She loves to study, and is so bright that last year, her school recommended that we let her skip class 4! She even says that she prefers spending time studying than playing, and her favorite way to help with our younger students is to help them with their homework. When not hitting the books, Tripti has a quiet confidence- she loves to speak up in class, especially in science, her favorite subject. She loves to read any book she can get her hands on, and she loves dancing, especially to traditional Nepali songs, with her best friends Ambika, Sounita, and Sonu. She’s not sure yet what she wants to be when she grows up, but at 11 years old, this sweet girl is off to a great start. While she doesn’t like cooking, she says she loves to eat ice cream!

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