7l312xeLU-VPJGQAR4X8IN17freZ3gcyBxuf994EJ7kNOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE:  Tenzing is 15 years old and is now studying in Class 8. His hobbies are playing football, drawing, singing and dancing.  He likes Bboying and hip-hop dance and he loves English songs the most.  He is in his village in Sindhupalchowk for the Dashin and Tihar holidays. In school he has been training for a Footstall tournament that will be held after the holiday break ends. His favorite band is One Direction and he likes Eminem, too.  He is also learning to play guitar and he now can play and sing a song.  He also enjoys English action movies and his favorite movies are the Fast and Furious series.  In school, he likes to study math, science and social studies. He is average in his studies but he is slowly improving. He got 60.59% in his first terminal exam and in his recent monthly test he has improved and got 68.22%. He wants to study Management or Arts after his SLC.  He wants to become a professional soccer player or a hotel manager.



Tenzing 10-13BIRTHDAY: July 1st

PERSONAL HISTORY: Tenzing has a father who lives in Kathmandu in poverty. His mother and father separated when he was very small. Later, he and his brother were brought to the orphanage by his mother since she could not take care of them. His brother was adopted by an American family.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? Tenzing is an affectionate boy, spirited, and always smiling. He loves to dance and sing, and especially loves to play soccer. Tensing’s favorite subject is math, his favorite color is red, and his favorite food is “chicken mo-mos” (Nepalese dumplings)! He wants to be in the army or become a professional soccer player.


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