Nov. 2015

NOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE: Ambika is 14 and is currently studying in grade 8. Her hobbies include reading storybooks and playing basketball. She plays on a team at school and her intermural team recently won the inter-house school l tournament. She loves to read, and mystery storybooks are her favorite – especially the Nancy Drew series. She also enjoys drawing, and likes drawing different scenes and people using beautiful colors.  Math, science, and social studies are her favorite subjects in school. She is currently taking two math classes. At the moment, she is learning about algebraic expression, geometry, and the unitary method.  In her second, optional math class, she is learning about trigonometry, and about height and distance. In science, she is learning about electricity, which she finds interesting. In social studies, she loves to study about history of different places. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up, because she wants to be able to help other people. For this reason, she plans on entering into the science track after completing grade 10, and then continuing on to a medical degree.  In her recent first term exams, she received 93.4%, and came in first in her class of 36 students.  She says she is proud of herself for this achievement.

IMG_5692 AmbikaBIRTHDAY: April 29th

PERSONAL HISTORY: Both Ambika and her sister Ganga are supported by HCC. They were brought to the orphanage at the ages of three and five when their father passed away and their mother remarried. The new husband did not want to support the children of another man, a reaction which is sadly common in Nepal. The girls do not have contact with any of the members of their family in village. Ambika remembers only one aunt, whom she has only met once. We were lucky to meet Ambika when she was in second grade when we started her at a great boarding school in Kathmandu.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? Ambika’s intellect helped her skip the fourth grade and go straight into fifth. She loves to study and likes math best of all. She especially loves doing division–she thinks it is a lot of fun. They turn it into a game in class, and she loves to play! Ambika also loves to read, her favorite genre being ghost stories because she finds them very exciting. Her English is great, and once you get her started on a topic she enjoys, she will tell you all about it! She loves to dance, but prefers Nepali and Hindi music to American pop. If she could travel anywhere in the world, she would like to see her more of own country most of all.

Last year, she went to a village called Nagarkot and says she loved it because the environment was so clean and beautiful. When she grows up, she wants to become either a doctor or teacher: “If I become a doctor, I can save the people, and if I become a teacher, then I can help teach poor people.” Her favorite things to eat are bananas and grapes, and she said, “I don’t like to cook but I like to help, so I can help to cut vegetables!” She also said that she feels very thankful for her sponsors for helping make it possible for her to get a great education.

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