XzAZ1Oo4VtSkNSiPQRG6LKJtJEIW4ZZaw67vS8_PcrANOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE:  Chadani is now 13 years old and studying in class 8. She enjoys reading English mystery storybooks, and Enid Blyton is her favorite author. She also likes to watch Hindi and Korean comedy and romantic films. She also loves to sing, and has chosen dance as her extracurricular class in school. Math and science are her favorite academic subjects, and she is currently learning algebra and about the life processes. While she finds Nepali a bit difficult, she is strong in English and has recently started writing poems. She wrote one about friendship, which she performed at a school assembly. The other poem she wrote is about “the meaning of being sorry,” in which she writes about the merits of responsibility for your actions. She just took her grade 8 national exams, and is awaiting the results. After she passes her SLC exams (grade 10), she plans to pursue an accounting degree course. She is interested in a career in the social services and thinks she may like to work with small children. Last year she got braces, and although they were painful in the beginning, she likes that her teeth and getting straight and promises to keep sharing her beautiful smile.


Chadani 10-14 1

BIRTHDAY: December 25th

PERSONAL HISTORY:  Chadani was abandoned as an infant and nothing is known of her parents or any relatives. She comes from the town of Belhiya in Rupandehi district which is situated in the west of Nepal. Belhiya is a border town and as such is a common entry and exit point for people travelling to the birth place of Buddha in Lumbini. Sharing the border with India means this town is also a common transit point for the trafficking of women and girls for prostitution in India. Chadani was found by the police in Belhiya, who admitted her to the Bal Mandir orphanage in Kathmandu.  HCC has been sponsoring her since 2011.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL?  Chadani is a bright, energetic and intelligent girl. We put her in the Kavya Boarding School to enable her to achieve her full potential. She loves to sing and always has a smile for everyone!


Chadani 10-14


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