IMG_8531NOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE: Chet is 21 years old and is about to start a 4-year Bachelor degree program in Public Health at Nobel College, a partner of Pokhara University.  In her free time, she enjoys reading storybooks, dancing, watching movies, knitting, and hanging out with her friends.  She recently read the book, “Heartless Compassion,” written by an Indian author, a love story where the boy plays with the girl’s emotions, and only after she leaves he realizes his mistakes. By the time he attempts to get her back, it is already too late and she has moved on and left him forever. Her favorite storybook of all time is about two best girlfriends, one of which gets very sick and is admitted to a hospital. During the time she is there, the two girls become best friends, as they spend together in the hospital. It’s a tragic story, and in the end one of the friends dies – but not the one that everyone expects to. While reading this storybook, Chet reminisces about the closeness she feels between her and her best friend from college, Rupan. Chet has also been helping her sister to teach the younger girls at HCC how to knit. She is planning on making a cap for herself this winter. In the school program she just finished, she enjoyed her courses on different diseases, signs and symptoms, and on health post treatments. Her three-year diploma was curative medicine focused, and her favorite aspect of the course was learning how to manage health-posts. She is looking forward to learning more about preventative services in her upcoming public health courses at university. She recently took the entrance exam for the public health bachelors program at Nobel College, and received the very top score out of hundreds of applicants. She was admitted to the college, and will start her program within the next week or two.  Chet says “you are very special to me and I would not be who I am today without you. I’m thankful for your support and unconditional love.”


BIRChet 10-14 1THDAY: March 30th

PERSONAL HISTORY: Chet’s father died when she was young, and her mother could not care for her. She was sent to Balmandir Orphanage at a very young age, along with her older sister Nari. Starting in April 2000, for three years, Chet and Nari attended a day school while living at Balmandir, financed by HCC.

Then in April 2003, HCC brought them to their current boarding school. They have two brothers; Padam is in the village and Man lives in Malaysia (he came to meet her once). This past Dashian holiday, HCC funded Nari and Chet to visit their mother

and brother in their home village for the first time in ten years.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? Chet is a beautiful teenager who loves to read and dance. She recently won a dance contest at school. Chet is currently in college tChet 2o become a Health Assistant, which is similar to a nurse practitioner.

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