900dAaq3UIYJfuuAn75j65XHpBoFW3l5KQL7QJvkUm0NOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE: Kabita is now 13 and studying in grade 7. She loves to spend her free time drawing natural sceneries, and she plays defense on her school’s basketball team. She also likes to dance, and has performed in her school programs. In school, science is her favorite subject, and she is currently learning about the biology of plants and animals. Kabita also enjoys social science, and in her class she is now learning about the physical map of Europe. She thinks learning about different religions is interesting, especially about how different people follow their religions and the different festivals they celebrate. In her recent first term exams, she received a 91.63% and came in 5th in her class of 32 students. Her goal is to pursue a profession in the medical field, and being a surgeon is her first choice. She is also interested in nursing. If that doesn’t pan out, she says she’ll settle for being a professional, international basketball starlet.


BIRTHDAY: December Kabita 10-131st

PERSONAL HISTORY: Kabita is an unwanted third daughter of an extremely poor family from a remote village east of Katmandu. She is the victim of a culture that values sons. Sometime after her little brother was born, it was decided that the family could not feed or care for her. Her sisters are manual laborers in the tiny field, side-by side with her parents, but they cannot eke out more than a two month food supply. After a half day walk and then a day long bus ride, Kabita was left at the orphanage. Fortunately, because Kabita stood out as a bright and personable child, HCC’s representative in Nepal, Dinesh, realized her potential and brought her to school.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? “Kabita” means “poem” in Nepalese. She is a bright, affectionate, hardworking child who did well in kindergarten and now is in the first grade. Kabita always has a sweet, shy smile for everyone, loves to skip and sing with her new friends. Her favorite subject is math and her favorite color is pink. Her life ambition is to become a teacher so that she can help children read. Her “plan B and C” is to become a doctor or a “police-woman.”

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