ERzAWUrEKVVuHQwEJAOm7sJZQ4af34kxjKi09mXsrwcNOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE: Nikesh is 23 years old years old and is currently studying in his final year of a Bachelor’s program in Pharmacy.  In his free time he enjoys playing basketball with his siblings at HCC and with his friends at college, reading, watching movies, and traveling. Science Fiction is his favorite genre for books and films. He loves the Lord of the Ring and Harry Potter series, and has read them all. He has also recently had the chance to travel to several new places in Nepal, which were great learning experience for him. He went to the district of Ilam on an educational college tour to collect herbs, and to the Indian border town of Birjung for a short internship. He also recently had the chance to trek with several of his college friends in the district of Rasuwa. He is a very hard worker, and over the last year he has been seeking out extra internships in order to gain experience in his field, and collect data sets for his final thesis project. He also works part time as a private tutor in math, science, English, and in exam preparation. He is also an active member of the HCC family and during this holiday school break he is providing several hours of tutoring help to his younger siblings each day. After he graduates from University in January of 2016, he plans to find work in the pharmaceutical field and gain several years of experience before applying for graduate school, possibly abroad.


BIRTHDAY: July 17thNikesh 10-14 2

PERSONAL HISTORY: According to the orphanage’s scant records, Nikesh’s father died when he was very young. His mother was destitute and abandoned him so that she could marry another man. The police brought Nikesh and his brother Bishnu to the Bal Mandir Orphanage. He does have an uncle that visits sometimes.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? Nikesh is very bright, hard-working student. He loves to read and is found often absorbed in a book. His favorite sport is basketball. A top scorer in the national exams, he now studies Pharmacology at a university in Kathmandu.




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