1u7FUjgreHFBnDPDWcUm-4fWQ6rBNTwLzS7ANkUJdxQ,GyDhVMwKohwPdvWwrLKuU1Ugrt3sPfKJ9RrYfUBi-64NOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE:  Ram is 20 years old, and this year he completed 12th grade in the management track. He is currently waiting to take his make-up exams in April of 2016 in order to get his diploma.  Between now and then, he will be studying for his exams and taking tutoring help, as well as looking for some additional training opportunities. In his free time, Ram likes to paint, travel and dance. He enjoys using watercolors, and capturing the natural beauty of nature scenes. He recently sent some of his painting to the US in hopes of selling them as fundraising items for HCC. Although he hasn’t had the opportunity to travel much lately, but he is planning a trip with his friends to the Annapurna base camp later this year, as well as a trip to Taiwan in July 2016. In Taiwan, he will be participating in an international cultural exchange dance program for which he is currently training each Saturday. Ram plans to continue his studies at the Bachelor level in Hotel Management, and is considering a career as a chef as he enjoys cooking and likes the idea of being an artist in the kitchen.


Ram 10-14 2BIRTHDAY: November 10th

PERSONAL HISTORY:  Ram’s father died when he was a baby, and while we do not know for sure, it seems from the records  that his mother has also passed away since then.  He was admitted to Balmandir in 2000 by relatives who are said to have brought him to the police after his mother’s death.  Ram lived in the orphanage for three years before he joined the HCC family.  We met him when he was just 8 years old, in class 2, and we have been lucky to support him all the way through his schooling.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL?  Ram is our resident artist!  He just finished painting a colorful mural of flowers in the room for our youngest students at our group home.  Although academics aren’t his strong point, he is a bright boy who excels at most everything that he gets his hands into- helping others, sports, arts, cooking, he is known as the best of the dancers among the boys here.  He tries in school, and is improving in his studies.  In the future, he wants to help others enjoy the things that he is so good at, either as a trekking guide, showing others the beauty of his country, as an artist, or as a chef.  Next year, he will move into our group home and start on his path to what is sure to be a great career of sharing the beauty of life with others!  His favorite food is Daal Bhat, the rice and lentil soup that is the staple in Nepal.

Ram small






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