s_hkaVTbD9seWcX-JE4lwkkjLixmDK3I1jr-QuBbHqMNOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE: Rupesh is 22 and he is currently in his third semester of Hotel Management at the Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Education (GATE College). As part of his schooling over the last year, he has been working as a server at different events around the Kathmandu Valley, including wedding parties and professional conferences. He recently appeared in a TV show that profiled his school, which was a fun experience for him and his classmates. He was chosen through a rigorous evaluation process to go to Bahrain to do his internship, although because of a medical issue he wasn’t able to go. Instead, he will leave for Malaysia after one month, to work for six months at a 5-star Holiday Inn hotel. He is excited about traveling to another country, and also about gaining experiential knowledge of working in hotels. He likes to tutor his younger brothers and sisters when they come to Khushi Ghar, such as during the current Dashain and Tihar holidays. During this Dashain school break, he has been spending most of his time playing, talking, and joking with his young brothers. He has also been busy helping to prepare meals, buying foodstuff in the market, and making a Khusi Ghar cookbook for HCC supporters in the USA.


Rupesh 10-14 2BIRTHDAY: January 9th

PERSONAL HISTORY: Rupesh’s parents are unknown. According to the orphanage’s scant records, Rupesh was about five years old when he was found by police wandering in the streets of Kathmandu. He was placed with a social group that brought him to the orphanage. He has no memories of his parents or of any other life other than at the orphanage.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? Rupesh loves to sing and to read and is found often absorbed in a book. He is a happy, active, student who loves playing basketball. He is currently in university to become a Charter Accountant (CPA). His “Plan B” is to get a bachelors degree in business management.





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