emYxnMypHg6wfTcR2hK_5-1crmPTYSoj4Ai3vBU8YW4NOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE:   Shristi is 14 years old and is currently studying in grade 10. Her hobbies include dance and playing basketball. She is currently learning classical Nepali dance at school, and regularly performs at school functions such as teachers day, children’s day, and founder’s day. She enjoys learning the practical portions of her accounting class. This year, Shiristi is the head girl of her school, which means that she is responsible for all students. She leads the school in prayer each day, and collects the money owed by students who break the “English only” rule (students owe 10 rupees per time they speak in Nepali). As head girl, she must help to ensure the good behavior of all students in the school by setting a good example and helping to manage the students. Shristi will take her School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exam in March or April, so she is busy preparing with extra classes every morning and evening. At her hostel, she studies from 6am-6pm daily, and plans to get “distinction” marks in her exam. Over the holiday break at Khushi Ghar, she is also studying math with her HCC brother Nikesh for two hours each day. After she completes grade ten, she is considering the option of entering into either an intermediate course of management or science.  She is currently ranked in the top 10 students of her class.


ShristiBIRTHDAY: July 6th

PERSONAL HISTORY: Shristi and her younger sister Sadhana, also in the HCC program, were found abandoned on the side of the road in Kathmandu by the police when they were babies, she was only three years old. They have an aunt and an uncle in a remote village with whom they spend holidays, but the family most likely abandoned them due to lack of funds and hopes that they would be fed and clothed at an orphanage in Kathmandu. She met the HCC family when she was in class 3 and she and her sister began attending their English language boarding school.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? Shristi is in class 7 at school and has an 86% right now in her studies, which she is very proud of. She has a big personality when playing, and although she gets just a little shy when speaking with adults, she is rarely found without a big smile on her face. In school, she loves science and math because she finds the material very interesting. She struggles with grammar, but asks for extra help from her friends and teachers and still gets great grades in the subject. She loves to play with all of her friends at school, and she has lots of them! She loves to play basketball and badminton, but she says that she likes dancing to Nepali music best of all.

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