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Empowerment at the Women’s Leadership Summit

March 19, 2019

Chet and HCC Khushi Ghar House Parent Hira recently attended a course on women’s empowerment and shifting the patriarchal paradigm in Nepal.     omen’s Leadership Summit is a six month leadership program that comprises a six-day residential program, three bi-monthly meet-ups and a graduation program. Women’s Leadership Summit works to foster leadership and technical skills to … Read more

Nikesh’s Update on his Master’s degree

February 18, 2019

ts been a while that I haven’t had chance to communicate with you. I am really grateful for the love, support and care that you gave me. I have accomplished the journey to my master’s degree and this wouldn’t have been possible without your valuable support. Now I am able to live an independent, self … Read more

HCC Nepal Students 2015 1

Rising Children newspaper: Issue #2

February 18, 2019

The students at Khushi Ghar are so excited to share their second newsletter! Click through to experience all 15 pages! And if you missed Issue #1, check it out here.



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