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A Conversation on Philanthropy with Erika Mateus

August 2, 2018

s a social worker, the desire to help others is in Erika Mateus’ blood. She believes in helping and caring for children and teaching them to think critically, value life and the planet. In addition to traditional education, she believes in teaching each child that the world can be a different and better place. Growing … Read more

HCC Nepal Newspaper Rising Children Ostrich

First Ever Student Newspaper – Rising Children!!

July 27, 2018

While on summer break, HCC Signature Program students continue to create new opportunities for learning. Use the task bar at the bottom to scroll through all 12 pages!

HCCNepal - Students SEE Exam

In Their Own Words – Students on Passing Their SEEs

July 3, 2018

At the end of grade 10, students in Nepal take the Secondary Education Exam (SEE). Their scores determine which pathways are available to them for further studies. Ambika: I was very happy to hear my result. We have a grading system in Nepal. I got 3.70 GPA. After completion of grade ten, we are called … Read more




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