AS5ibYpiv433bwxC2enekIk9beHQecXMusVll6fQYCc,4VZsL1B94hcxtafp2ixuLY-nCMoIRtGC9Oj5dppxCNwNOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE: Tulshi is now 11 years old and studying in grade 6. While she used to be more of a tomboy and would hang out with the boys, these days she prefers playing with the other girls at HCC.  She loves to sing and dance to Hindi songs, and the songs “Hangover” and “India Waale” are a couple of her many favorite songs.  In school, science is her favorite subject and she is currently learning about machines. She also likes her Nepali class and loves to read Nepali stories. English is another of her favorite subjects, and she enjoys writing stories about magic. One story she wrote goes like this: Once upon a time, there was a nice man who was a woodcutter. In the same village, there was a woman who was an angry witch. The woman was always mad at the neighborhood children. One day, out of anger, she tried to put a curse on the woodcutter. But he knew it was happening, so he read a book about magic, where he learned how to overcome the witch’s powers. He used his new knowledge to take away the power of her evil magic, and shared the information with the villagers, so that she could no longer negatively affect them either. Tulshi aspires to be a pilot and to fly planes. She is also considering a career in music, as she really enjoys singing, and she says she could also see herself being a teacher for small children. In her recent first-term exams, she received a 93.69%, and came in 1st in her class of 50 students!


Tulshi 10-14 3BIRTHDAY: March 29th

PERSONAL HISTORY: Tulshi was born on January 21 in Myagdi (Western part of Nepal). According to the local paper, there was no one to look after Tulsi and her elder sister as ther mother married to another man after her father died.  So, both of them were brought to Bal mandir orphanage.  Beside her sister, she also has a little brother who is with their mother in the village.  Her sister is kept in a different orphanage so she rarely sees her.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? Her favorite subject is Nepali and she loves to play skipping and basketball.  She also likes to read books and listen to stories.  In the future, she would like to be a teacher.

Tulshi 10-13

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