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Where do your donations go?

HCC is committed to transparency and accountability to both the children we serve and the generous individuals and corporations who make our work possible. Please visit our Reports & Financials page for our full annual financial reports and IRS tax returns. The following page provides detailed information as to how your donations are used within each of our programs.

HCC’s Signature Program

HCC’s founding program has been operating in Kathmandu, Nepal since 2000. This program provides care, education, and mentorship for up to 50 orphaned and abandoned children who have come out of the state orphanage system. We provide for every need for these students, and your donations are integral to making these resources available.

Your donations help provide:

    • School fees for English-medium boarding schools in Kathmandu;
    • Medical costs for regular check-ups, illness and emergency injury;
    • Hygiene and toiletries for the students, including toothbrushes, soap, feminine products, etc.;
    • School supplies for the students, such as books, pens, notebooks, binders, backpacks, etc.;
    • Maintenance costs for our group home, Khushi Ghar, including electricity, food, water, furniture, which is home to the students in grade 10 and below during school breaks and the full-time home for students in junior college (grades 11&12);
    • Therapist fees, if the students require additional emotional support;
    • Clothing expenses for all students, including school uniforms, everyday wear and holiday gifts;
    • Costs for enrichment programs such as workshops, guest speakers, and field trips.
    • College and University fees for the students in our programs studying in junior college (grades 11-12), and at universities, graduate schools, and technical colleges.

Earthquake Orphan Scholarship Program (EOSP)

The EOSP Programs (which encompasses the Dhading Children’s Initiative and the Rural Education Empowerment Program) cumulatively support around 100 orphaned or impoverished children in rural regions most heavily damaged by the 2015 earthquakes. Your donations enable these students to stay in school and get an education, which greatly reduces the risk they will be trafficked or subject to child labor.

Your donations help provide:

  • School fees for reputable, local schools
  • School supplies such as pens, paper, notebooks, and backpacks which we bring to the students
  • Hygiene products such as, feminine products, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Medical costs
  • Transportation costs for our staff, to travel to these remote, rural areas and check in with the DCI and REEP students.

Anti-Trafficking Campaign

The rate of child trafficking in Nepal is shocking – at least 13,000 children a year according to UNICEF. HCC has partnered with Cause, Vision and Sasane to create and distribute a Nepali language comic book, entitled “Chameli Goes to School”. The comic book, distributed in rural, high-risk areas, raises awareness and educates students about the dangers of human trafficking in their own communities.

Your donation helps cover:

  • Printing expenses to produce 10,000 copies of the comic book
  • Distribution expenses to reach a wide audience of school children in rural areas.

Library Project

The Library Project is one of our HCC youth-led initiatives, which is working to create libraries and a culture of literacy in rural public schools. Currently, the inaugural library in a school in the Gorkha, Nepal is close to completion. With the success of our first library, HCC is looking to expand this program and bring books to more kids in rural village schools, supported by your donations.

  • Funds to buy books that we select, tailored to the age groups in the school and a mix of classic and contemporary novels
  • Bookshelves costs to transform a room in the school into a library
  • Training costs basic training of local librarians, including book cataloging, inventory maintenance, and library management.  

WiFi Project

The WiFi Project is bringing internet services to rural, public schools, in order to improve local infrastructure, close the achievement gap, and provide resources for lesson planning, teacher training, research materials, and opportunities for enhanced class curriculum via e-learning classes. In addition to providing WiFi connection, we also train the teachers with basic computer literacy skills. We have connected six schools and a food kitchen so far in the Dhading and Makwanpur districts, and are working to reach more. Your donations fund the integration of modern-day technology, with its immeasurable resources for students and teachers, in public schools across rural Nepal.

  • Material costs, such as the routers and relay towers
  • Training costs to give the teachers lessons in computer literacy, so they can effectively teach their students.
  • Subsidization costs, to help schools to pay for fast and reliable internet services.


HCC and the Nepali children and people thank you for your support.

All donations to HCC are tax deductible in the United States. Please note: If you use PayPal to make your donation, we respectfully request that you assist HCC in offsetting the impact of the transaction fees by donating the specified PayPal amount where applicable. Thank you!