Students Needing Sponsorship

HCC is looking for sponsors for students in the Kathmandu Signature Program and Earthquake Orphan Scholarship Programs (EOSP). These students were orphaned and/or abandoned, including during the Civil War (1996-2006) and the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal.

There are four support levels for these students:

  1. EOSP – $300 per student per year: EOSP students who are living with a surviving parent or guardian and attending a local government school.  These funds cover school fees, uniforms, books, stationary, lunch money, and special workshops and programming.
  2. EOSP COLLEGE –  $500 per student per year: EOSP students who have completed secondary school (class 10) and are now going on to junior college (grades 11 and 12) and are given a set amount to continue their education.
  3. EOSP SPECIAL – $750 per student per year: EOSP students who are unable to stay with a surviving family member, or the school is too far away for them to walk, or they are a gifted student and are placed in local boarding schools.  This cost includes academic fees, room, board, books, uniforms, exam fees and tutoring.
  4.  Kathmandu Signature Program – $2500 per student per year: school, college and university students who have been orphaned and do not have family support. HCC provides a loving family environment, mentorship, leadership training, food and housing, clothing, transportation, healthcare, extracurricular opportunities, and and the highest quality education through university or technical school. They also receive career counseling and help with job placement once their education is complete.

If you would like to sponsor a student(s), please put “sponsorship” (or the child’s name, if known) in the comment section of the HCC Paypal donation page. Interested sponsors can email [email protected] to request a list of children and youth in need of sponsors, and can inform us of your choice by email as well.



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