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Helping Children One Life at a Time

Himalayan Children’s Charities (HCC) has gained international  recognition in the non-profit world for its innovative transformation of institutionalized, orphaned and abandoned children into strong, goal-oriented and motived individuals by providing the opportunity for family-style support and continuous education from kindergarten through high school and university. Through careful nurturing and mentorship, these children develop skills and self-reliance that allow them to reach their full potential and contribute as productive adults in the life of their country and the world.       Watch a video introduction to the work of HCC.

Recent studies have shown that sponsorship of children in impoverished countries has significant impact on their current lives and their future.   “…we find that sponsorship results in 2.4 additional years of formal education, and large and statistically significant impacts on employment, occupational choice, age at marriage, age at child-bearing, dwelling quality, and community leadership. We also find evidence of positive spillover effects for many of these outcomes onto younger siblings and other village residents of the same age.”  University of San Francisco study, August 2011.