BxNxkE00g2WufqP7I_ln-D0oryuoeVFsmCB-6sC691A,t5_nUTlsVBsNIYa9GcF0VL5xJwz-6nwYThoLQg5aKk8NOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE: Binusha is 18, and after finishing grade 10 last year she started working as a nursery teacher at Reliance school. She is very happy with her job and has a great relationship with the school headmaster and with the other teachers, who she has known for many years as a student. She is very close with her coworkers, and loves to spend time with them talking about their lives and work, telling jokes, and sharing meals. In her free time, she also loves to read storybooks. There are many storybooks for her to read at Reliance school, including the Harry Potter series, which she loves very much.  She also likes to read fairytales with the small children she works with.  She is currently thinking about what to do next, as she is planning to retake her School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exam. She wants to thank her sponsors Kristen, Brian and their children for caring about her and giving her good facilities in life and for her studies. She wants to thank you for your love.


BIRTHDAY: JaBinusha 10-14 2nuary 19th

PERSONAL HISTORY: Both Binusha’s mother and father died when she was an infant.  As a result, she and her brother were cared for by an aunt for a period of time. However, her aunt was desperately impoverished, unable to care for either child, and requested that the government take them. Binusha and her brother were brought to Balmandir Orphanage at an unknown time. Having lost contact with her aunt, Binusha spends the long Dashain holiday at our HCC group home.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? Binusha is kind-hearted, shy and always smiling. She especially likes to dance, sing, and play basketball. Her life ambition is to become a dancer or a “business woman.”  When asked what makes her happy, she says “getting a letter from my mom and dad,” meaning her sponsors. She expresses love and gratitude to her sponsors for getting her out of the orphanage and for her care and education. Her best friend is Barsa Rai.

Binusha 10-14 1

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