HdwJfOTv6IXjKXs75yxU1lfIRkCav1hje6aeT1UHptsNOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE: Bipana is now 11 and studying in grade 6. She loves playing and joking around with her friends. She also enjoys reading English picture books – and says the more colorful the better! In their free time, her and her friends like to do each other’s hair in different styles – the princess style is her favorite. She likes dancing to English songs as well. Her favorite academic subjects are math and science. In science, she is learning about the environment, plant and animal life, evolution and ecological balance. She also enjoys her social science class, and learning about world history, and all of the different kinds of governments and societies, religions, costumes, and customs. Bipana plans to become a doctor, and says being a flight attendant is also an interesting prospect, as the work uniforms are nice and she would like to travel. In her recent first term exams, she received 88%, and came in 8th in her class of 28 students. She wanted to pass on the following message: “I would like to thank you for giving me a better life and education.”


BIRTHBipanaDAY: December 20th

PERSONAL HISTORY: Bipana’s father was murdered by Maoists shortly before she was born. Her mother had no means to care for her and her elder sister Bina, and the girls were placed in a boarding school where they were used as laborers instead of being educated. In April 2010, a high ranking government official that knew Bina and Bipana’s father learned about their plight and contacted HCC, which has now gained a reputation for taking good care of orphaned and abandoned children. He asked HCC to find sponsors for both sisters so that they can be cared for and properly educated.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? Bipana is a happy girl who loves to dance and play with other children. She especially loves to play dolls with her sister. Her favorite activities are “sliding on sliding boards and swinging.” Her favorite subject in school is English, or as she calls it, “ABCs.” Bipana wants to be a doctor when she grows up so that she can help others.

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