vG8MaYCNRy9Qh6pJTphuxrozmKvbfl0G7bpYcrwPvVINOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE:  Dipesh is now 13 and studying in grade 7. He loves to play soccer, and currently plays midfield on his school’s team. He plays basketball on the school team as well. He also enjoys reading English storybooks, and his favorites are from the Oliver Moon – Junior Wizard series. The books are about a magical boy who goes to a magic school. His favorite academic subjects are science, math, and social studies. In science class, he is currently learning about the structure of the earth – tetanic plates, ocean currents, weather patterns, photosynthesis, etc. In math class, he is learning about the laws of indices and arithmetic. In social studies, he likes that he gets to learn about different cultures, and thinks learning about the customs of different places is very interesting. He hopes to be a professional soccer player when he grows up, and is also considering a career as an engineer. He would like to design robots or cars. In his recent first term exams, he received 78%, and came in 17th of 49 students.


BDipesh 3IRTHDAY: August 21st

PERSONAL HISTORY: Dipesh, which means “Lord of Light” in Nepali,   joined our HCC family in 2011.  In 2005, his family was living in a small apartment in Kathmandu, when his father abandoned Dipesh and his mother.  His mother remarried and Dipesh was brought to the orphanage in Kathmandu by his grandfather.  When we were asked by the orphanage to support Dipesh last year, we were excited to move him into a very high quality school where he has been excelling since the third grade.

WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? Dipesh is a warm-hearted young boy.  He loves to play soccer and he is on the team at school.  His favorite subject is math, but he says that he likes school best for the chance to learn to write.  He isn’t shy to speak up and ask questions in class, and at his school, he has won a number of merits for his hard work and participation.  He looks for extra help in his science class, and is so happy that both his teachers and his friends help him.  He is a dynamic boy with tons of interests, including drawing, singing and playing basketball with his best friend Arun. He says his favorite thing about living at Kushi Gar is that he gets to learn to use the computer. He loves to eat chicken mo-mos (Nepali dumplings) and his favorite color is blue, “but not sky blue”, he says, “dark blue!”  When he grows up, he wants to be a famous singer.

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