UQdCbiYcj99r1neDZT7iZmJe4tJP-2dkEPai_h7_uokNOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE:  Ganga is 11 years old and is studying in Class 6. Her hobbies include drawing and painting sceneries, and playing basketball. She was a player in the recent intramural basketball competition at her school and her team took 1st place. She also likes to listen to Nepali songs, and she likes fairy-tales, of which her favorite is Cinderella.  She likes English movies about children and her favorite movie is “Cinderella Story.” In her recent first term final exam, she got a 65.14%. Her favorite subjects in school are English, social studies and science. She finds math difficult, so she is seeking extra tutoring in that subject. After she finishes 10th grade, she would like to continue her studies in the science track, and her aim is to become an artist. During this Dashain and Tihar festival, she has gone to her village in Bardiya for the first time to meet her extended family (aunties and uncles).


BIRTHDAY: JulGanga 10-14-1y 19

PERSONAL HISTORY: Ganga was an abandoned child in the Thapa district, in the Eastern part of Nepal. She was found when she was 2 and 1/2 years old and was brought to Bal Mandir orphanage. She has an older sister named Ambika who attends school with her. According to her sister, her father died of alcoholism and her mother died from a “chest sickness.”


WHAT MAKES ME SPECIAL? Ganga, which means “Holy River” in Nepali, is a very sweet and soft-spoken little lady. When she first came to HCC, she was extremely shy, but she is now coming out of her shell. She is thrilled to be reunited with her big sister Ambika at Khusi Ghar—she says they love each other and never fight. In school, she likes math the best, because the answers are easy for her. She says nothing is too hard, but of all the subjects, Nepali and computers are the most difficult. She loves the cartoon “Tom and Jerry”– she roots for Jerry, every time. Her favorite food is ice cream and dairy milk: she says that the calcium will help make her big and tall. She is a great budding artist and likes drawing everything she sees! She thinks she might like to be an artist when she grows up, but still isn’t sure. In her free time, Ganga loves to skip and jump rope at school with her friends. She likes Khusi Ghar most because it is like a family for her, and the food is really good. To her sponsors, she would like to say “Thank you for helping with everything!”

Ganga 10-14 2

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